Server Rules

In order to keep the peace and maintain a stable server,
the following rules apply to your activities while playing with us.

1. No exploits, dupes, glitches or cheats of any kind.
2. No bypassing Towny, LWC or any other form of protection.
3. No hack clients, hack mods, x-ray, or similar.
4. No spamming or advertising of any kind.
5. No hateful and/or exceptionally explicit speech or structures are allowed.
6. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.
7. Attempts to crash, lag or harm the server for any reason will not be tolerated.
8. Accepting illegitimate and/or duped items will result in a ban.
9. Drop parties of any kind, and/or giving away high-value items, are prohibited.
10. Exploitation and scams are not permitted.
11. Abusing items for use as chunk-loaders is disallowed.
12. Anti-AFK machines and techniques are not permitted.
13. Camping and/or stalking of any form is prohibited.
14. Structures composed mainly of LWC-locked blocks will be removed.
15. Limit of one physical shop per player per server/realm.
16. Always show respect for other players, staff members and the server.
17. Use common sense and act with courtesy.